Discover your skills gaps for your career in tech

What is a skills gap?

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A skills gap refers to the difference between the knowledge and expertise that employers expect from their employees, and the skills they actually possess.

Whether you are a recent graduate hunting for a job, looking to change careers, or eyeing a promotion in an established career, identifying and bridging your skills gaps can give you an edge over other candidates in your industry.

Upon this quiz completion, you will be able to visualize where your skills are at. This will help you understand what courses or skill development you could focus on.

What is the Tech Career Skills Gap Quiz?

This quiz will help you benchmark your current tech career skills. We’ll help you identify possible career paths, as well as the skills you’ll need to be successful, and how to achieve them. We’ll also help you better understand your technical and soft skills gaps, and provide you with resources in our benchmark report to bridge those gaps.

An insider tip

Some questions in this quiz may be similar to those asked during Lighthouse Labs’ admissions interviews. In addition to identifying your skills gaps, this quiz will give you valuable insight into Lighthouse Labs’ admissions and interview processes.

How it works

  • 10 minutes quiz

    The quiz should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete. We’ll ask you to complete a registration form before beginning the quiz to help us understand your current role and industry.

  • Quiz step 2

    We’ll ask you a series of questions related to your career goals, educational background, and technical and soft skills related to data, development, and tech-enabled careers in various industries.

  • Quiz step 3

    At the end of the quiz, you will receive a score for each skill out of 100%. The most ideal score for each skill is 100%—the lower your score is, the wider your skills gap. We will also provide you with our benchmark report with resources to bridge your skills gaps, plus career options, earning forecasts, and employability metrics.

What is the Tech Career Skills Benchmark?

Skills Gap Report

Lighthouse Labs has also created a benchmark report, which will help you further understand the types of skills gaps that exist, which skills you will need to be successful for a variety of careers in digital technology, as well as career opportunities available to Lighthouse Labs graduates. You’ll learn more about specific Lighthouse Labs courses as well as additional free resources, and how we can help you bridge your skills gap so you can either change careers or successfully grow in your current profession.

So… what next?

Understanding your skills gaps is the first step to improving your employability and raising your earning potential.

Knowing what you don’t know is half the battle. With Lighthouse Labs, you can fill those skills gaps with a variety of courses in data or development, so you can change careers confidently and quickly or grow in your current career.

In fact, 97% of job-seeking graduates from the Lighthouse Labs Web Development Bootcamp course found employment last year—a testament to the efficacy of our courses.

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